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Reduces Swelling


Relieves Chronic Pain


Improves Circulation


Rejuvenates Skin


Decreases Inflammation

Cryo is revolutionizing the modern beauty and wellness worlds, with applications proven to aid in rheumatic disease treatment while boosting surface skin health pre-laser care. Not just a luxury item, cryo has recently become highly sought after as an ideal muscle relaxation tool -- specifically through MECOTEC's ultra efficient cold air devices that provide localized cooling for professional sportspeople and beyond!


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Local Cryotherapy Device



 Reducing inflammation, delaying aging and boosting performance – Cryotherapy offers big benefits for athletes, wellness enthusiasts and medical treatments. MECOTEC has revolutionized this modern method with powerful cold air therapy devices that utilize the power of localized chill to help muscles relax after tough workouts or reduce joint pain from rheumatic diseases. Ready to elevate your beauty routine? Take action now!

Get ready to experience a revolutionary body treatment that can relieve pain, restore mobility and give you beautiful skin! Our cold air therapy is specifically designed for rheumatic diseases, post-operative therapeutic treatments and beauty applications. It works by locally extracting heat from the affected areas at precise temperatures resulting in amazing effects such as analgesia, improved joint flexibility reduction of swelling; plus toned tissue with increased collagen production – bye wrinkles hello tight youthful look!

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