JUKA Cryosauna - for LN2 Cryotherapy Treatments


Reduces Swelling


Relieves Chronic Pain


Improves Circulation


Rejuvenates Skin


Increases Energy


Burns Callories


Decreases Inflammation

When it comes to trusted, reliable Cryotherapy solutions that offer unmatched durability and reliability, nothing comes close to a Juka Cryosauna. Since 2008, this revolutionary therapeutic solution has been the choice of business owners in the United States. And it’s no mystery why: with its expansive open face design, the Juka Cryosauna offers the highest level of professionalism and precision available on the market today.


One Year




Shipping & Installation Included


In stock

LN2 Cryosauna




For more than a decade, the JUKA Cryosauna have set the industry standard for reliability and longevity. When it comes to running back-to-back sessions with no downtime in busy locations that process up to 10 people per hour or more, these cold machines offer unbeatable performance. Step into this cryo experience today and discover why business owners across America trust JUKA as their go-to resource since 2008!

At temperatures ranging between -156° and -184°F (or -77°C and -121°C), the coldness provided by this device stands apart from similar devices out there – delivering optimum results for athletes looking to feel relief from various ailments or stress-related injuries.
And as an added bonus, maintenance costs are surprisingly low thanks to this product’s heavy-duty construction, plus top-notch customer service is always just a phone call away if you ever have any concerns or questions about your new Juka Cryosauna.
So go ahead, experience a cryotherapy session like no other with our top-of-the-line Juka Cryosauna. It’s crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail – so you can be sure that you’re making the right investment with this extraordinary device!

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