LED Light Kit for Impact Cryo Saunas 24V (Set of 2)

LED Light Kit for Impact Cryo Saunas 24V (Set of 2)

Replacement LED lighting for the Impact Cryotherapy Unit - Set of 2 - 32 LEDs and 24 Volts. 


 Replacing your Impact Cryo Unit lighting with this set of two 32 LEDs and 24 volts will be a worthwhile investment. With the long lifespan LEDs offer, and their superior illumination capabilities over regular bulbs, you'll get to enjoy the sleek look of your impact cryo unit while enjoying improved energy efficiency. The installation is easy, so you don't have to worry about any complicated steps along the way - just plug-in and you're all set! If you’re looking for an update that will make all the difference, this replacement LED lighting is exactly what you need.

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