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Recharge, revitalize and restore your energy with the Infrared PEMF Mat. Combining two amazing technologies - Earth's magnetic field power of PEMF plus deeply penetrating heat from infrared- this innovative tool can help you achieve a full body reset so that you're ready to tackle anything life throws at you! 

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PEMF mat

NEO | Science


 PEMF Therapy has long been used to treat acute pain from injuries, osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain. It can even help reduce the fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis or side effects of cancer treatments! And now with NEO | Pad relieving you of any discomfort is easier than ever; harnessing infrared heat combined with PEMF and layers of crystals it's your perfect partner for enhanced relaxation, sleep (or power naps) massage therapy -even yoga practice- elevated up a notch by its stream of negative ions – like "airborne antioxidents" that offer muscle relief at temperatures up to 70C.

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