Neo | Light PBM Red light Therapy Bed - 8 Minute Rejuvenation


Improves Circulation


Rejuvenates Skin


Reduces Stress


Boosts Mood


Enhances Deep Relaxation


Promotes Glowing Skin

Unlock the powerful potential of light today! For centuries, we've known that exposure to different hues can render health benefits. But with modern research and technology advancing at breakneck speeds, photobiomodulation (PBMT) is allowing us to access those hidden depths like never before - reducing pain levels & improving skin quality while even boosting our sleep performance! Don't miss out on this ancient yet revolutionary remedy - explore its possibilities now.

With NEO | Light, users can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of Photobiomodulation in under 8 minutes! Red light (633) rejuvenates skin and reverses signs of aging. Our specialized infrared frequencies at 810, 850 and 940 penetrate deep into tissue for ultimate muscle relaxation & recovery. The cells are stimulated to increase energy production for improved body function & wellbeing! You won't find these unique modes anywhere else: "Calm" mode soothes eyes while diminishing dark spots; meanwhile our exclusive "Cleanse" feature helps reduce blemishes on problematic skin - now that's something worth seeing with your own eyes!


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LED Light Bed

NEO | Science



Why do people seek light therapy (Photobiomodulation)

(1) Improve pain: It can increase the catalase activity of cell mitochondria, promote the solidification of diseased tissue proteins and the production of new squamous epithelial cells, accelerate the absorption of exudates, weaken muscle tension, and improve various mechanisms of pain.

(2) Promote the dissipation of inflammation: it can promote local blood circulation, increase the phagocytic function of cells and macrophages, control infections, and promote the dissipation of inflammation (Examples: chronic inflammation, such as neurodermatitis, eczema, chronic lymphadenitis, arthritis, etc.)

(3) Promote wound healing: PBM can improve blood circulation, and thereby promote wound regeneration and repair, achieve pain relief, reduce swelling, promote tissue growth, shorten recovery time.

(4) Enhance physical fitness: PBM can increase the catalase activity of mitochondria, thereby may increase glycogen content, protein synthesis, adenosine triphosphate decomposition, enhance cell viability, and enhance the body’s self-repair function and cell regeneration ability.

(5) Improve skin: PBM can promote skin blood circulation, enhance the vitality of human cells, enhance metabolism, speed up the elimination of sick or dead cells, and improve skin elasticity and overall appearance.

(6) Skin lightening and spot-lightening: PBM may reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by down-regulating hyperactive melanocytes and by slowing down production of excess melanin, which results in less pigmentation and thereby in a brighter and more even skin tone.

(7) Rejuvenation: PBM may stimulate the production of collagen and thereby increase skin elasticity, smoothen wrinkles, shrink pores, all of which make the skin appear more firm, smooth and delicate.

(8) Improve sleep: PBM, and in particular red (633) may stimulate the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep, which gets released in the evening when darkness sets in. Light exposure and in particular blue light (abundant in our computers and handheld devices) counteracts the release of melatonin and is rather activating. Red and Green Light are calming.

  • Weight: 600lbs or 272kg
  • Frames: no replacement expected (except maybe for the springs that open/close the canopy)
  • Plastics: no replacement expected unless physical force is used
  • Acrylic: if you use the correct cleaning solution (Lucasol) 5+ years. We carry replacements in stock should it get scratched. (Simple to exchange.)
  • LEDs: 30,000 hours (= 8h/day non stop use for 8 years - which you will not remotely do so expected to last longer). Each on a sheet of 480LEDs per panel. Panels can be replaced with an Allen key and a screw driver.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (aka Photobiomodulation or LLLT) is a treatment that stimulates the body’s cellular processes. NEO | Light uses red and full-spectrum near-infrared light to activate a variety of biological processes.

What is it used for?

Red light therapy is used for and approved to to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. These are the main applications recognized in the United States by the FDA. Much new research has surfaced over the past decade which suggests many more applications including skin rejuvenation, hair loss prevention, and sleep optimization.

What time of day should I do it?

Technically any time of day is fine, as you are wearing “black out” goggles. However, there is likely brief exposure to the bright lights. Some lights are calming while others are stimulating. With NEO | Light we recommend doing the Restore, Pulse, and Calm Mode any time of day.

Cleanse mode however, which contains blue light, should be done in the morning or afternoon only, and not in the late evening. This is because Blue Light is stimulating and thought to enhance mood, focus and attention – is not desired in the evening.

What does blue light do?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Blue Light is stimulating and thought to enhance mood, focus and attention. Blue light is part of the spectrum of light we get from daylight, and it is also associated with cleansing and disinfecting. Research suggests that the combination of red and blue light may reduce bacteria caused blemishes on the skin resulting in an overall improved appearance of the skin.

The downside of blue light is that even small amounts of if in the evening may suppress the release of melatonin, and thereby throw off the circadian rhythm. Thus, those sensitive to it may have a harder time to sleep at night.

What does the green light do?

NEO | Light offers a unique Green and Infrared light mode, namly the “Calm Mode”. Green light has the most calming effect on the mind among all colors in the visible light spectrum. A Harvard study suggests that exposure to green light may reduce migraines. While blue and red light may have an activating effect on the body while green light achieves the opposite. Combined with NEO | Light bed’s invisible and deeply penetrating and muscle relaxing infrared light frequencies the calm mode was born.

Beyond its calming effect, Green Light may also improve the appearance of dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Research suggests that deep penetrating near-infrared light energy may reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by down-regulating hyperactive melanocytes in the dermis. Other studies suggest that Green Light may prevent the production of excess melanin, resulting in less pigmentation on the skin’s surface, resulting in a brighter, more even skin tone.

Where can I find this type of therapy?

Light therapy is one of the fastest growing modalities in modern health and wellness businesses.

Examples include wellness centers, gyms, sports clubs, med spas, beauty clinics, chiropractic offices, medical offices, hospitals, rehabilitation institutions, and even nursing homes. Private home use is gaining much popularity, fueled by the 2019 pandemic but also in general as more people want to take preventive health into their own hands.

How often can I do it?

You can use light therapy every day. Most people don’t see much benefit using it more than once per day. It is recommended to do at least 3-5 sessions per week. Consistency is key to reach results.

Is this only for athletes?

Not at all. While there is much talk about strength, endurance, and recovery time, photobiomodulation improves cellular processes resulting in a number of benefits (see above) for any adult. Light therapy is for all of us who want to do more, feel better, and look younger.

Why a full (360 degree) light bed and not single panels?

Red light panels are an inexpensive way to use red light therapy at home, and there are some good options available today. In fact, NEO | Science is working on our own high-powered panels for home use to make our technology available to more people. Having said that, panels have multiple drawbacks compared to a full bed. The first is power: panels offer a much lower dose than a high-powered light bed, meaning you need far more exposure time plus you are standing throughout the process. Because the user is standing, distance to the body becomes the next problem. The power of a light wave drops exponentially with distance. This means if you are 3 inches away from the light source vs 10 inches or even 1-2ft as we often see with light panels, the actual dose can be reduced to almost nothing. While light panels are aesthetically pleasing in social media posts, the actual benefits of many of the existing products are questionable.

With NEO | Light the user is only ca 2-3 inches from the LEDs in the base of the light bed, and only up to 5 inches from those in the canopy. You are fully engulfed in light from up to 36,360 high powered LEDs, an exposure that simply can not be matched with a simple light panel. The illustration below shows the distance between the user and the LEDs, which is far closer than most of our competitors.

What is the difference between Infrared Saunas and Red / Infrared Light Beds?

While both modalities use the term “infrared”, they are completely different mechanisms.

An infrared sauna uses light to make heat. It typically uses FAR-Infrared heat to stimulate sweat glands for detoxification, so they are extremely warm if not hot. Red Light Therapy uses light which penetrates the body deep into the cell. It is often referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy or Cold Laser Therapy, thus heat is not involved. The goal is to improve cellular function and allow the cell to produce ATP. NEO | Light uses a combination of red light and NEAR-infrared cold light to reverse oxidative stress, reduce pain, inflammation and improve cellular energy production.

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